Unlocking the total value of a consumer

by empowering everyone to transact with anyone, at any time, with all possible combinations of digital currencies

Red Dog Networks: A simple multi-tender payment and

omni-channel ad network


What if you could easily combine traditional and new forms of payment in one transaction to make things easier for both your customers and your business?


And what if you could determine the advertisement channel effectiveness per product when evaluating your media budget?


And what if you could create a stronger customer loyalty program that increases consumer engagement by providing the consumer real value?


And what if the system gave you real-time secure transactional knowledge, as well as better information about what, when and how your customers make their purchases?


That system is here.



Not Just a Digital Wallet. Better!


Most digital wallets are just payment and loyalty instrument aggregators. These "wallets" don't provide value back to the company or the consumer.


Our product provides real value.  It's a network that combines loyalty programs with other forms of item-level payment -- including coupons, points, vouchers, crypto-currencies and instant rebates, along with transactional tenders like cash, credit and debit in a single multi-tender payment.



Our Goals:


To be the de facto standard network/platform for trading/brokering item level tender.

How it Works

  • How it works:

    Traditional payment networks (like Amex or Visa) can provide the location and transactional amount, but can't connect the activity to the consumer's decision-making process or to the advertised channel prompting the items purchased.


    With the eCurrenC multi-tender network:


    • You can easily combine different forms of payment -- like coupons, loyalty points (airline, banking, etc.), vouchers (like insurance, telephony and monetary),  government assistance (SNAP, WIC, FEMA, etc.), rebates, social and gaming currencies, crypto-currencies, credit, debit, and cash in a single transaction.


    • It can connect all digital marketing activity with all online and offline purchasing channels to attract multiple demographics.


    • Automated real-time processing to measure customer engagement, such as display, save, purchase, invoicing and settlement -- "closing the loop" .


    • Payments are directly connected to the transaction AND the item purchased at the Point-Of-Sale.


    • Data is fed to the entire supply chain process -- consumer targeting, forecasting, MRP, etc.

  • Who benefits from the system?

    Ultimately, the eCurrenC network will connect to a variety of point-of-sale (POS) systems, payment terminals, mobile phones, and other devices to the cloud --  all working together to engage with the consumer for all types of businesses, including:






    Banks and card issuers

    Restaurant/service companies

    Local retailers/franchises

    Stand-alone family businesses

    Sole proprietors and mobile merchants

    Social and gaming systems

  • What this means for consumers:

    Unlocking the total value of a consumer.


    The consumer now has more buying power than ever. By combining loyalty points with other new and traditional currencies, the consumer can purchase far more than the cash they have in pocket.


    No more waiting for rebates after the purchase. eCurrenC processes coupons, rebates, and loyalty points in REAL-TIME to provide you with the best deal possible, without the wait.


    Oh, and that TV you've been wanting to buy? It doesn't seem so expensive now, does it?

  • What this means for merchants and retailers:

    Increased sales, with none of the pain.


    By combining loyalty points with other new and traditional currencies, your customers will have more flexibility and buying power, meaning that they’re more likely to increase their basket size than they normally would if they just used cash.  Consumers can make these purchases in-store, or buy directly from your website.


    In addition, you’ll be able to see exactly what, when and where your customers engage with and purchase your products or services, because you’ll have live, line-item transaction data.  You’ll be able to better focus your omni-channel marketing efforts, build more loyalty with your target market and increase sales.


    It’s cloud-based, secure and simple for your customers, making it easier for them to buy.

  • What this means for marketers:

    Increased ROI on ad spend.


    With eCurrenC, you can build a one-on-one relationship with your customers. Gone are the days of only knowing if a consumer interacted with your ad, and not knowing if the person actually bought your product. You can now see exactly what, when and where people act based on the effectiveness of your advertising channel.


    Are they buying directly from their phone? Paying partly in cash and partly with loyalty points? Buying baby clothes? Now you’ll know -- and you’ll be able to target them with promotions at the right time in the right place.


    Oh, and those reports you needed to show your boss about your marketing ROI? Piece of cake.

Meet the Team


Read more below about Red Dog Networks and our vision for the future of payments. This page also features articles and references on the digital coupon process, mobile wallets, and how the payment industry is changing due to both technology and consumer behavior.

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